Ukraine guitar player

My name is ANTHONY but my friends call me Tony, my producer and I were loo for a guitar player for a solo on a song were working on! And we came across this sit that fractured different guitar players, and we checked out tow videos of this guy named Max, we really liked what he did but the only problem was he was in Ukraine! My producer Rahul callEd him and he picked up, they talked and he skipped with him half the day! Hi said he was a big fan of the song, and that he would love to do the lead guitar solo. He said he wanted 50 dollars to do the part, so we sent him the song and he sent it back! His lead guitar solo was amazing so gave him 100 dollars becouse i figured he needed the money, I was right! He asked if I had any other work for him, I told my producer I had a song that would be great! Here is this guy in Ukraine on the run trying to stay alive, and he is recording with us in the US from Ukraine! That just blows my mind!!! Anyway I wrote the song let’s save Ukraine. We recorded it and sent it to him, and he sent it back and again did another amazing guitar solo on the song! And again I gave him a another 100 dollars for it! I think this is an amazing story and I hope some tv station picks it up! Anyway let me know what you think! Thanks Tony

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